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Welcome To Global Business Enterprises

GBE is equipped with diversified portfolio of services to brand owners, importers, exporters, manufacturers, and retailers tailored to special requirements and comprehensive coverage in all relevant trade frontiers.


To be Leaders in Global Frontiers


GBE knows the value of each customer need, so we provide the best services available
to each client.


We Can, We Will, Anywhere Anytime

Our Services

GBE in collaboration with international & local manufacturers to help establish specific
brands in Pakistan.


We directly deliver to all our customers. To maximize customer service levels we have systems for continuous tracking and improving the accuracy.

Stock Management

GBE resource planning system keeps stock levels at the optimum to ensure that the consumer always receives the freshest stock


We maintain stocks at a level to satisfy the sales and promotional cycle requirements of individual brand owners whilst always minimizing the risk of running out of stock.

Our Brands